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YAY! You found the Easter Eggs page. Read on for some cool behind the scenes stuff about FLIGHT!


CAUTION: There are spoilers below!!


I’m sure every writer has them – small little nudges or winks at some sort of weird, far off joke that only the writer will get that they spread throughout their story. (Ok, maybe other writers don’t do this, but I do.) Here are a few of them:


  • The name of every place that the angels hang out in are all winks to being angel hangouts. “Casa De Los Angeles,” “Seraphim,” and “Angelo’s” were all names inspired by the word ‘angel.’

  • I’m a huge, gigantic Star Trek The Next Generation fan. I have the uniform, I've read the novelas, I’ve been to the conventions and have seen every episode. (I can also pretty much tell you the storyline of any episode within the first two minutes. Sad but true.) I used the names of the entire cast of Star Trek The Next Generation in FLIGHT. They’re all there – Jean Luc, William, Deanna, Geordi, Beverly, even Data. The only one I couldn’t sneak in was Worf. If you have any ideas as to how to use that name in some future story, I’m all ears.

  • Genevieve the drummer and Bella the camper that Camille meets when she’s a child, are both inspired by and named after my own daughters.

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