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By Charlene Moncrief


Complete with an Uncommon Heroine and a Secret Society…



         What if everything you ever knew to be true was a lie? Would you fix it? Even if it meant losing the one thing you would give your life for?


         Unexplainable supernatural abilities and dark family secrets leading to an epic battle between good and evil, are just a few juicy storylines readers can expect in Charlene Moncrief’s exciting debut YA novel, Flight.


          Eighteen year old high school senior and New York socialite, Camille Vanderhale, is American Royalty. She is the perfect gilded princess who spends her days at charity events, galas and tea with New York’s old money elite. Her family name and powerful legacy are as American as apple pie. But all the history books about her family and the role they had in shaping our country were wrong, and Camille is about to unravel just how dark and sordid her family’s lineage really is. And when the mysterious Xavier Williams comes into her life, he presents her with the ultimate choice – a choice that will change her life forever.


           Flight is a story about the figurative fork in the road we are all presented with at some point in our lives. Do we choose the path that is certain and easy, or the path that is less travelled and unsure? This is a story of the ultimate act of true love, of letting go, and the consequences that come from those actions.


           The heroine, Camille, needs not be rescued, and although she develops superhuman powers and lives in a world of opulence most of us will never get to experience, her character is entirely relatable to anyone facing tough choices.


           “I wanted to write a story where my heroine didn’t need her hero to tell her story for her. Too often, YA protagonists are written as a wallflower girl who’s nothing special till the hero notices her. That’s not the story I wanted to tell, nor was it the message I wanted to give to my young daughters, who will probably read this someday,” Moncrief says. “Camille knows who she is, knows her place in the world, and doesn’t need the boy to complete her.”


            For Moncrief this story emerged from personal experience with broken trust, choices and struggle. A born storyteller, she experienced the gut wrenching process of choosing to let go of a negative relationship, learning along the way that by letting go, goodness and light can come in. Flight gives readers the chance to experience the same struggle— inspiring teens and adults alike—to make the right choice, even if it’s not the popular one.


           An adrenaline-fueled and thought-provoking novel that proves Moncrief a force to be reckoned with in the young adult genre, Flight is sure to be a can’t miss addition to 2015 reading lists.     


            Throughout Flight compelling themes are examined including:


      - Choosing the right path and making difficult decisions

      - Coming to terms with letting go of people and things

      - Listening to your inner voice and following your instincts

      - Dark secrets, dysfunction and heartache in the midst of love 



            Charlene Moncrief graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in TV/Film and a Minor in Comparative Literature from California State University, Fullerton. After spending many wonderful years working in animation she decided to take the plunge and create her own imaginary world through her writing with her debut novel, Flight. Born in Los Angeles to Filipino Immigrants, Moncrief currently lives in Southern California with her husband, Zac, and two daughters. She is currently an Animation Checker at Disney TV Animation and continues to work with some of the top animation studios in the industry such as Nickelodeon Animation Studios and Warner Bros Animation.


Flight is available via Amazon , Barnes & Noble  (ebook) and Blurb (hardcover)

Find Charlene on Goodreads, Instagram, Facebook, and her website:




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