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I wish I could say that FLIGHT came from some divine, brilliant, inspired place, but sadly it came from a really dark chapter in my life. Simply put, I needed to kill someone who had hurt me very deeply. 


I would never literally kill another person, so I did the next best thing and did it figuratively through my writing. (And no, I won’t ever divulge who that person is, and the three people who do know who that person is will take that juicy tidbit to their grave. Just sayin’.) A trust was broken and it hurt me more than you could imagine. I was so filled with rage and anger and grief that I needed to release somehow. I’m a huge yoga fan, and I’ve tried practicing letting go of negative ideas or instances or people that no longer serve you and only weigh you down. In essence, letting something negative die in your heart so the good stuff can come in. (Sound familiar? Chapter 2 anyone??) I didn’t actually want to kill this person (ok, maybe sometimes I did), but I did need to let this person go and separate them from my life. 


I think we’ve all been there – feeling anchored to someone you know is only going to bring heartache into your life, and knowing in your gut that you’ve got to cut them off, but you’re too scared to do it. So this idea of death, and letting go of something you once loved dearly sprung into my head and the relationship between Camille and Noelle was born. Their relationship is one of true love, but full of dysfunction and heartache. How do you walk away from that dysfunction even when the love is still very much alive? It’s a journey that I know I needed to take and I couldn’t think of a better way to do it than through this story. 

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