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This question is fascinating to me because it’s literally a question I get asked from almost every person who reads FLIGHT. I like to throw it back at the reader and ask them what they think Xavier’s ethnicity is because their answers are always a trip. I’ve gotten every kind of answer from Caucasian, to Asian, to Latino. I kind of love that. I love that Xavier has morphed into an every man kind of guy, so I’m always hesitant to give a direct answer. (In my utopian version of the future, there are no more singular ethnicities, everyone has loved and procreated with other cultures, and the world is filled with beautifully exotic, mixed breeds.) I do answer the question of his ethnicity in the book, but most everyone kind of glosses over it. To be clear, Xavier is part Cuban, part Scottish and part African American. Envision whatever lovely portrait of him that might be for yourself!


Also, at the time that Xavier was birthed into my universe, the YA world seemed filled with Anglo Caucasian heartthrobs. (No offense to the Edward Cullen fans out there - I fell in love with him too.) I wanted to finally represent the other ethnic beauties in the world and have the girls swoon over someone other than the broody white guy.

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