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In animation, visuals can make or break a story. If it looks sloppy and done on the cheap, the audience will automatically view it as such. If it’s too busy and complicated, the audience won’t respond either. I knew the same would be true for my cover. In literature, readers will literally judge a book by its cover (say what you want about the “50 Shades Of Grey” phenomenon, but those covers were beautiful. I guarantee that even the haters picked up that book initially because of their covers.) I wanted something striking and succinct, and the image of the lone feather against a moody purple blue sky, with the NY skyline faded in the background, just resonated with me. Many thanks to my amazing cover designer 


And a giant shout out to the lovely Miss Kayla Santos, beloved babysitter and super teen extraordinaire, for helping me to choose my beautiful cover. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction and for having such impeccable taste. 

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