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My love affair with this woman began about seven years ago when I was randomly shopping in some boutique, and a voice came over the speakers, and it was unlike anything I had ever heard before. Her voice was ethereal, but powerful, soothing but uplifting…I remember literally stopping dead in my tracks and just taking a minute to listen to that voice. I immediately asked the saleslady who was playing and she said, “Sara Bareilles.” I walked right out of that store and into the closest CD shop I could find and bought Sara’s CD, “Careful Confessions.”


Awesome for me, not so much for the shop owner who I didn’t purchase anything from.


From that moment on, Sara’s songs became my muse in all my writing and creative endeavors, and has been ever since. What’s incredible about Sara’s music is, just when you think you’ve heard one of her songs a hundred times, and that you couldn’t possibly get anything more from them, a lyric, a melody reveals itself to you on that hundred and one time, and it’s suddenly a whole new song with a much deeper meaning. Sara also has this wonderfully sweet rebellious side to her – she may not say how she feels about you to your face, but she’s certainly going to say it in her music, which is something I can completely relate to in my own writing. She’s a true poet and an amazing singer – and an incredibly f’ing funny lady with a cutting sense of humor who swears like a sailor. I am an admitted junkie and maybe a tad obsessed with the girl, but then, can you blame me?


FLIGHT would not exist without the music of Sara Bareilles to inspire me and motivate me along, and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

Sara Bareilles is my bestie.
She said so.
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