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Insta Love

Ok, I know. I’m a total loser and haven’t blogged in far too long. I absolutely blame my crazy life for it. You stink crazy life.

I wanted to write about a phrase that I’m just hearing about now, that has been used several times in reviews for my novel, Flight: “insta-love.” I thought I was a pretty cool, happening, hip chick who knew most of the modern day phrases, but I guess I was wrong because I had never heard of this before till it was used to describe the relationship between Xavier and Camille (and not in the nicest of ways – thank you very much.)

So I’ve been spending the last few days mulling this phrase over in my head. At first, my naïve self actually took the phrase as a compliment. I mean, if you’re going to find your soul mate, why not do it instantly, right? And then I read on after that phrase was used, and realized that it wasn’t used as a compliment, but as a slam. And then my lip started to quiver and the confusion left, and I got sad, and then I got depressed, and then I wanted to crawl under the covers with my dog and hide.

And then I really started to think about it, and then I got defensive.

What’s wrong with insta-love???

What’s wrong with seeing someone and immediately feeling that pull, that zing, that inexplicable burst that happens from a place in your soul you didn’t know existed until that person came into your life? That’s exactly how I felt when I met my husband. There was this instant chemistry/attraction/pull that I literally couldn’t turn away from, and neither could he. I’m so grateful I gave into that wonderful, crazy feeling because now I have a beautiful family to show for it.

Now, there’s lots of other stuff I don’t get, nor do I support. I don’t believe in compromising your belief system, just to please someone else. I don’t believe you should ever feel less than with the person you love. I don’t believe in giving up yourself and what makes you uniquely you, just to make the other person happy.

Nope, don’t buy any of the above.

But insta-love, I absolutely 100% believe in and wish for every man/woman in the universe to experience at least once in their life. And more importantly, if you are fortunate to have insta-love fall square in your lap, then by all means, embrace it, cherish is, believe in it.

I realize now that I am a shameless believer in the magic of insta-love, both in the stories I write and in the life I lead.

So there. Dammit.

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