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Music Is RAD

Today’s not so great a day. Nothing in particular is necessarily going wrong, per say, it’s just not such a great day and I’m not feeling so great about myself. The demons of self-doubt are looming, waiting to strike. I can feel it.

So I go about my business, take kids to school, head to work, pop in some ear buds and prepare to get lost in pretty drawings to preoccupy myself and keep the demons away. My music comes on, and slowly, ever so slowly… the demons ebb and the darkness lifts. I may be the only freak that this happens to (please let that not be the case – please let there be other freaks like me out there), but that’s how quickly music can change my whole being. Today’s inspiration was Sara Bareilles’ “Inside Out.” If you don’t know who she is, stop what you’re doing right this minute and go on YouTube or iTunes and listen to one of her songs. Now. I’ll wait.

I love that music can do that. I love that music can have the power to uplift, expel, inspire and motivate. It really is a miracle. I hope that when you’re having a yucky day like I started to have, you can find your muse that can lift you out of it, and I hope it’s a rad song that does the trick.

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